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Gulgihwen Program for Men

Gulgihwen means “change” in the traditional local language.

Our Program is designed for Aboriginal men aged 18 years + and is intended to provide education and support towards addressing the issues of substance misuse and related harms such as criminality, and to improve health and well-being.

With the support of experienced Staff we offer a compassionate and culturally focused professional program of change, centred on self responsibility to achieve your goals in healing.

How long is the Program?

There is no set program length – it is up to you to decide how much time you think you need to work on the things you identify as being important to your healing. We recommend a minimum stay of 8 weeks to really make any progress. The average stay is around 3 months and there are options for up to 9 months for men addressing complex substance misuse and related issues.

How much does it cost?

Residents pay the equivalent of 65% of whichever Centrelink payment they receive. This goes towards to costs of board and lodgings and program resources. Residents who do not receive Centrelink (self funded or Private Health Fund) costs will be negotiated but will not exceed 65% of the DSP.

How long does it take to get in?

There is always a waiting list due to demand. How long you wait until a place is available depends on how many others are on the list and on your individual circumstances. Men from our local area who have poor health will get priority. We can tell you more what the wait time is likely to be when you apply and begin the assessment process.

Please note: There may be ongoing disruptions to processing applications due to the pandemic. If your application is successful you may be required to undergo rapid antigen testing before admission and after you are admitted. Our priority is limiting transmission of the virus in our local community.

You are welcome to submit an application, but please be aware there could be delays depending on the local situation.  Keep coming back to this webpage for further updates. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.

What does the program look like?

Residents are to attend all activities unless specifically excused for a valid reason. Men attending optional group must attend the group. All residents must attend weekly Fire Circle.

Residents MUST hand their phones in at 10.45am (back at 4.30pm) and 9.30pm (back at 7am) and before all Meetings or activities if occur before 11am.

Smoking is not allowed on site or in vehicles and must occur in designated area only.

How do I apply?

There are 2 types of applications we accept – a Self Referral (where you apply yourself) and a Referral from someone else who is supporting you in a professional capacity. This could be a Doctor, a Solicitor, a Corrections Officer, or a Case Worker for example.

If you are ready to apply, and have looked at the Eligibility Criteria, here are links to the application process:

Eligibility criteria

Looking for a place in our program? Click here to read our eligibility criteria.


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