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Aunty Sandra’s Safe Haven for Women

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Aunty Sandra is a proud Bundjalung woman who serves as a director on our Board. She’s worked tirelessly with Aboriginal women and their children for lifetime. She knows a place where in times of crisis these women can get away from difficult homes to a place of healing and respite is sorely missing.

Your support is needed to create a safe residential haven for Aboriginal women and children, ground breaking culturally safe residential service for Aboriginal women in New South Wales. Aunty Sandra’s Safe Haven will be a restorative place where women have time to rebuild their lives with the support of our amazing professional staff.

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The need is great

With one of the highest populations of Aboriginal people in Australia within our region, these issues are even more pronounced in the community. Birth rates among Aboriginal women are more than double the mainstream population and with growing populations, come a growing number of social and support issues. 

  • Aboriginal women and their children suffer disproportionately from the negative effects of drug and alcohol misuse, 
  • Domestic violence and living in overcrowded accommodation. Together these have long-lasting and devastating consequences that repeat from generation to generation causing deeply embedded inequalities in society. 
  • Our task is to tackle the root of these issues, but we also need to be able to respond to the pressing needs of families right now.  



The plan

With your support, together we will purchase land and provide buildings for a new residential centre, in a peaceful setting to allow our women and children the time for some respite and reflection.  

  • A culturally safe space for Aboriginal women and children
  • A place for respite from the everyday struggles many of these women and their children face
  • Specialist support and advice to help women tackle their issues and re-build their confidence
  • The chance for a fresh start, armed with the skills to face the challenges of life


We need your help

We have all of the tools to make Aunty Sandra’s Safe Haven a reality – the experience, the passion, the community connection and over 40 years of governance and Aboriginal community support.  We need your help today to take the next step and make Aunty Sandra`s place a reality 

We need to raise 500,000 AUD to start building the brand-new residential space to support Aboriginal women and children who are in desperate need…. 

Please, will you make a tax-deductible donation today? 

Eligibility criteria

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