Sustainability at Nama

Namatjira is committed to having a sustainable approach to healing, both for our residents and the resources we use on site. We installed our first solar panel array in 2011 with new upgrades them in 2014 on the roof 

We are providing almost 60% of our electricity needs that’s converted from the hot Northern Rivers sun. This not only saves us money so we can concentrate on targeting our resources on our mission to heal our residents, but it also reduces the environmental impact the centre would otherwise have.


Home Grown Food  

What’s more nutritious and delicious than home grown food? We keep free range chickens and have a large vegetable plantation where we grow our own herbs, vegetables and the residents can use the garden at any time.

Every year we grow over $5000 worth of fresh fruit and vegetables on site and these are all used in the kitchen to provide good, home-grown nutritious food for our residents on their healing journey. Our residents can participate in the cultivation of the food they eat.


What`s next for Nama? 

We have plans to install batteries onsite to be able to fully power 100% of the centers needs day and night. We  are in the process of getting an electric bus in May 23 for residents day trips to lower our environmental impact eve further.  

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