You must have a current bank account, keycard and Medicare card and health care card if you are on benefits. We have no banks in our area and if you regularly put money in another person’s account you will need to set up online banking before entry. See your bank for this.

You should have a MyGov account set up before you arrive. If you are on Centrelink we will arrange with them on your behalf for Centrepay deductions for your rent while you are here.

You must arrive with at least 2 weeks rent in advance to avoid having to make extra rent payments to catch up. If you are living in supported/public housing you must discuss holding your accommodation at a nominal rental with your Accommodation provider prior to entry. There is usually a time limit of how long this can be done for. Your rent and board here is a fixed percentage of your Centrelink benefit payment (or equivalent if you are paying privately) – this pays for your accommodation & food and the (specialized) support provided by staff and visiting service providers.

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