The waiting list depends on a number of things:

  • How full we are at the time of applying and being accepted. It is rare we have beds available in a short time;
  • How much information we need to assess someone as suitable for the program. As a guide, people with more complex legal issues and mental health issues will take longer to assess;
  • How motivated someone is to deal with their drug and alcohol problems – we give preference to people to want to be here voluntarily and are keen to deal with their problems;
  • Whether or not someone is referred to us by MERIT or NSW Corrections, who fund some of our beds. If a bed is vacant the wait can be fairly short, subject to our assessment processes. If these beds are full, the wait will be longer.
  • Where someone is from. We generally give priority to Aboriginal men who are from our local area (Lismore, Ballina and Byron LGAs) and identify as being Bundjalung.

As a guide, men who self refer or are referred by a health service will be given priority. Local men with more serious physical health issues are also a priority.

The best thing to do is to read through our eligibility criteria and if suits, apply.

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